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Skate Name/Name



San Diego, CA

Home rink / favorite rink

Skateworld San Diego, CA / Skate Express Chino, CA

At what age did you start skating?


How Long have you been skating.

15 years

Favorite music you like to skate to.

Funk/Old School/RnB

Place you always wanted to go skating.

Skate City in Nassau, Bahamas

Favorite skate song

Cutie Pie by One Way

Why do you skate?

I skate because I feel so free when I'm on the floor. I feel liberated. I like the fact that there is a place on this earth where I literally don't have to have a care in the world as long as I'm on the wood. It's an escape for me at times.

Who influences you?

Both my Mom(RIH) and Dad are my major influencers

Do you have a favorite skater?

My Dad Dana

Are you part of a skate crew?


Tell us a fun fact about you

Splits are my absolutely favorite move to do on the floor.

Any other information you would like the readers to know?

I'm often ask why do I wear sunglasses on the skate floor, I even heard someone call me Stevie Wonder on skates before lol. I started wearing shades on the floor about three years ago. It gives me a sense that I'm alone on the floor doing my thing and that no one is around. It's also sensory thing with me, I can feel the music so much more and perform better in my skates when rock my sunglasses. I now don't skate without my shades.