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Skate Name/Name

Chuck Burch


City : DeSoto, Texas

Home rink / favorite rink

Home-Southern Skates in Dallas/Favorite-Northland in Detroit

At what age did you start skating?

18 seriously

How Long have you been skating.

40 plus years

Favorite music you like to skate to.

Smooth R&B

Place you always wanted to go skating.

Rolling in the Carolinas

Favorite skate song

Shotgun by Jr. Walker and the All Stars

Why do you skate?

It is the Ultimate relaxation!

Who influnces you?

Warren Buffett

Do you have a favorite skater?

Everyone with style

Are you part of a skate crew?


Tell us a fun fact about you

I love to teach Skating

Any other information you would like the readers to know?

I am a CPA,  CFP and Financial Advisor